SPC Training Using Minitab

SPC Training Using Minitab

Training Summary:

This is a follow-up course, that flows from Minitab essentials.  It is designed for professionals who intend to bring dramatic improvements to their manufacturing processes through MSA, SPC and process capability study; and do it easily using Minitab.SPC in Minitab

You will learn:

  • Data Types and its significance
  • MSA and its role in SPC
  • Data Distributions, Normality and Non-normal data
  • Types of control charts
  • 8 rules of SPC and using Minitab to identify rule patterns
  • How to use SPC as a RCA and a live problem solving tool
  • Short term and Long term Process capability study

Training Mode Options:

  • Online, Instructor led - Public batches
  • Online, Instructor led - Corporate batches
  • Training Venue, Instructor led - Public Batches
  • Onsite, Instructor led - Corporate batches
  • Online, Instructor led - One to One


Minitab Essentials Training

Training Duration:

  • 6 to 8 hours for one on one, instructor led training
  • 8 to 10 hours for public batches of up to 5 participant
  • 10 to 12 hours for for corporate batches of up to 20 participants

Training Locations

  • We conduct online training for participants anywhere in the world.
  • Onsite training can be done anywhere in India, Srilanka and Nepal, Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Contact us to know more. 

Training Software requirements:

  • You will need Minitab 19 installed on your PC/Laptop for this training
  • You can use the 30 days free trial version (if not installed earlier)
  • You can purchase a licensed copy of Minitab 19 bundled with this course

We also offer special offers to corporate clients, and bundled offers to individual buyers.  For details contact us.