Minitab Engage

Minitab Engage

Minitab Engage stands as a unique solution exclusively developed to assist organizations in constructing improvement and innovation programs. It facilitates the execution of these programs by providing problem-solving tools and leveraging established project management methodologies. Additionally, Minitab Engage enables real-time tracking of essential performance metrics, allowing organizations to showcase return on investment (ROI) effectively.

Minitab Engage helps to ideate

Promote the development of exceptional ideas and foster active participation from your employees by extending an invitation to everyone in your organization to submit their ideas at any time and in any place, utilizing a highly adaptable idea form. These forms prompt submitters to assess their ideas based on criteria that hold significance for your organization, such as their alignment with key business objectives. Furthermore, they automatically calculate weighted ratings for benefits, effort, and risks, providing you with comprehensive information to assess and prioritize emerging opportunities for innovation and enhancement.

Minitab Engage helps to evaluate

Simplify the process of evaluating which ideas progress into projects by implementing a more efficient system. Establish steering committees to ensure that the right individuals are notified, preventing important action items from getting lost amidst a flood of Friday afternoon emails. Teams have the option to begin with proven methodologies such as DMAIC, DFSS, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), and Kaizen Events, or create their own customized approaches. Empower your team with a comprehensive set of resources that enable them to assess and develop plans to address challenges and seize new opportunities. Minitab Engage offers a range of valuable tools for brainstorming and diagramming, including mind maps, fishbone diagrams, idea maps, and affinity diagrams.

Minitab Engage helps to execute

Efficiently navigate each stage of your organizational journey using the Minitab Engage project manager, equipped with a comprehensive array of visual tools and forms. These resources facilitate the seamless execution of projects and successful commercialization of innovations throughout your entire organization. Benefit from tools such as root cause analysis, Five Whys, SIPOC, project charters, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to support your endeavors. Ensure project progress by receiving timely email alerts that inform team members about new assignments, project approvals, crucial phase reviews, and upcoming milestones. Moreover, rest assured knowing that projects are automatically backed up, preventing the need for re-work or the loss of valuable insights. Team members can easily transfer output from Minitab Statistical Software to Minitab Engage or seamlessly embed Minitab files within their Engage roadmap.

Minitab Engage helps to measure RoI

Gain immediate insight into the progress of your improvement and innovation initiatives using real-time dashboards in Minitab Engage. These dashboards empower effective decision-making and provide the means for strategic course correction. Visualize crucial project metrics through dynamic, up-to-the-minute tracking of performance indicators within your program. Obtain comprehensive financial summaries, track progress towards set targets, and monitor project statuses. Whether you want an overview of your entire initiative or a focused view on specific projects, teams, or divisions, Minitab Engage allows you to customize your dashboard accordingly. Keep key stakeholders engaged and demonstrate organizational influence by effortlessly creating reports and dashboards to document contributions and successes. Motivate teams to replicate triumphs throughout the organization by utilizing Minitab Engage to initiate, track, manage, and share innovation and improvement initiatives from idea generation all the way through execution.

Features of Minitab Engage

The platform provides secure data protection, a constantly updated and user-friendly dashboard, flexible workflow management, a centralized project repository, customization options through the Design Center, role assignments via the License Portal, and a range of tools for mapping, analysis, and project management.

DashboardThe project data is protected through encryption during transmission and storage.
The secure cloud dashboard constantly incorporates the most up-to-date features without requiring any user updates.
Easily modify dashboard perspectives using global filters, with clear display of selected filters.
Utilize the provided customizable reports or create your own.
Choose from a variety of chart options including Tables, Line charts, Bar charts, Pie charts, and Stacked Bar charts.
Establish targets for important metrics and visually highlight performance relative to those targets.
Access available 24/7.
Support for international number and date formats.
Efficiently search using keywords.
Save reports in PDF format
WorkflowEfficiently create, submit, and collect ideas online using a customizable form for generating ideas
Automatically evaluate and prioritize ideas based on strategic priorities by assigning scores and weights
Direct ideas to appropriate individuals for evaluation and prioritization in the idea hopper
Track the progress of ideas from conception to implementation and monitor their outcomes
Keep a record of data changes in various fields
Receive automated notifications and emails
Establish formal stage gate reviews
Start from standard workflow methodologies and/or define your ownBasic project
DFSS, including CDOV
Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)
Kaizen Event
Just Do It (JDI)
RepositoryThe ability to access a secure, centralized project storage from any location is available.
By default, project access is limited, with access rights being determined by project owners and administrators.
Project links can be shared through email.
The option to include or exclude projects from Dashboard reports is provided.
A folder structure is implemented to facilitate organized storage
Design CenterData architects modify the Minitab Engage subscription to align with your improvement methodology.
They enhance and generate Project Templates, Management forms, and Tool templates.
They also establish new data fields or modify existing ones.
Change sets are tracked to provide information on modifications and timestamps.
User access remains uninterrupted during the data architect's updates to project templates, data definitions, and forms.
License PortalAssign roles to all users, including Idea Submitter, User, Administrator, Data Architect, and License Administrator.
Desktop appFormsFormulas/equations
Conditional formatting
Included forms30-60-90 Action Plan
5S Audit
Activity (Shape) Lean Data
Activity (Shape) Process Data
Audit Plan
Bar Chart Worksheet
Blank Form
C&E Matrix (X-Y Matrix)
Control Plan
Cycle Time Bar Chart
Design Scorecard
DFMEA (Supports New AIAG-VDA Guidelines)
Financial Data
Five Whys
Force Field
Funnel Report
Gantt Chart
Gemba Walk Interview Sheet
House of Quality Matrix
Impact vs. Effort Matrix
Kanban & Supermarket Sizing
Kano Model
Lean Metrics Comparison
Line Balancing
Meeting Minutes
Pairwise Comparison Matrix
Pareto Chart Worksheet
PFMEA (Supports New AIAG-VDA Guidelines)
Preparation Checklist
Preventative Maintenance
Project Charter
Project Prioritization Matrix
Project Risk Assessment
Project Today
Pugh Matrix
Quick Changeover (QCO-SMED)
RACI (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)
Scatterplot Worksheet
Solution Desirability Matrix
Solution Implementation Checklist
Stakeholder Analysis
Standard Work Combination Chart
SWOT Analysis
Team Members & Roles
TRIZ Technical Contradictions Matrix
True North Metrics
Value Stream Map Comparison
Value Stream Map Shape Data
VOC Plan
VOC Summary
Waste Analysis by Operation
Work Element Time Study
X Variables Data
Y Metrics
Y Variables Data
Mapping ToolsProcess Maps (Flowchart, Process diagram) includingCross Functional Process Maps
Shape data: Inputs, outputs, defect rate, throughput yield, etc.
Bunny hops
Value Stream Maps withTakt time calculator
Current vs. future state comparison
Timeline with automatic cycle time calculations
Organizational Chart
Monte Carlo SimulationParameter optimization
Sensitivity analysis
Import a model from Minitab
Suggest a distribution based on data
BrainstormingMind Map
Fishbone (Cause and Effect Diagram)
Man Machines Materials
Idea Map
CT Tree
Project RoadmapsAllow for customization options
Incorporate phases, sub-phases, or folders to structure project tools and artifacts
Utilize project storage to hold associated documents such as spreadsheets, images, websites, presentations, and Minitab project files
Facilitate data sharing between tools by enabling the reuse of input variables from one tool (e.g., process map) in other tools like FMEA or C&E Matrix
Included roadmapsDMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)
CDOV (Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify)
QFD (Quality Functional Deployment)
Kaizen Event
PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
Just Do It
Analysis Capture Tools1-Sample Hypothesis Test Capture
2-Sample Hypothesis Test Capture
ANOVA Capture
Attribute Agreement Analysis Capture
Binary Logistic Regression Analysis Capture
Blank Analysis Capture
Capability Analysis Capture
Capability Analysis (Attribute) Capture
Chi-Square Test Capture
Control Chart Capture
DOE Analysis Capture
DOE Planning Capture
Equal Variances Test Capture
Gage Linearity & Bias Study Capture
Gage R&R Study Capture
Graph Your Data
Kruskal-Wallis Test Capture
Normality Test Capture
Regression Analysis Capture