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Minitab 18

Leandigit is an authorized re-seller of Minitab products. We also provide outstanding support in terms of training, consulting and online certificate exams, that helps Minitab users gain proficiency in usage of Minitab for statistical analysis, application in Lean Six Sigma projects, product development, and many more.

Minitab 18 is one of the most popular and easy to use statistical software. It is used by professionals across industries to analyze and interpret various types of data.

Companion by Minitab

Finding it difficult to manage multiple improvement projects across your organization? Not sure exactly how to control the workflows, and keep track of the financial impacts?

Be it DMAIC, or 8D, or CDOV, or DFSS, or your own custom methodologies.. everything's covered. Hundreds of standardized tools to chose from, and add on to this, the ability to connect these tools, so that you don't have to duplicate content from one tool to other. Companion by Miniatb is a great improvement program management tool.

Enact by InfinityQS

Leandigit is an authorized channel partner of Enact - an enterprise Quality Intelligence and Statistical process control platform.

Enact can help transform traditional manual intensive, paper based quality management system in to a live, paperless and instantaneous quality intelligence system. With dashboards, data streams, automated data collections, alerts, triggers, multi-site and multi-process management, and a host of other features, we help evolve your factory in to a smart factory of the future.


Onsite Training & Consulting

Contact us for onsite training and implementation consulting in:

  • Minitab 18 statistical software, Companion by Minitab and Enact from Infinity QS.
  • Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, TQM, Statistical Problem Solving
  • Management consulting for solving a challenging problems, or an organizational change management.

Online Certificate Exams and Courses

We offer online certificate exams and courses around our training and consulting practices. We help organizations and individuals to:

  • Enable employee self learning and certification
  • Assess training need and measure training effectiveness
  • Access skill set of a potential hire

Online Consultation and Reviews

We offer online in-person consultation service. It helps our clients avail our micro-consulting services, while saving on travel cost. Contact for:

  • Consultation on Minitab 18, Companion or Enact, statistical problem solving
  • Post training project reviews, mentoring, doubt clarification, etc.
  • Data analysis, report preparation and advanced problem solving.