Minitab Workspace

Minitab Workspace

Minitab Workspace provides a user-friendly interface where you can utilize a range of robust visual tools, including process maps, brainstorming diagrams, and forms, to effectively advance your work. By streamlining processes and recognizing potential opportunities, our tools facilitate the identification and resolution of problems, making them more manageable. Enhance your productivity with the most comprehensive set of tools that enable you to vividly represent, refine, and chart your business's value like never before.

Minitab Workspace helps in process map

Effortlessly create flowcharts that aid in comprehending, visualizing, and conveying all the steps involved in a process. Additionally, you have the flexibility to personalize the level of detail required for your specific needs.

Minitab Workspace helps in fishbone

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your processes or projects by mapping and identifying every pertinent component, regardless of their complexity. This approach allows for a holistic view that encompasses both simple and intricate elements.

Minitab Workspace helps in value stream map

Effectively visualize the movement of deliverables and information within your organization, department, or team, illustrating the value it generates for your customers and stakeholders.

Minitab Workspace helps in failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

Minimize the risk of failure in process or product design by proactively identifying potential failures and implementing the necessary actions to attain projected objectives.

Minitab Workspace helps in five whys

Uncover the underlying cause of a problem by employing direct questioning, relationship mapping, and reflective analysis. This approach aims to prevent future recurrences of the issue.

Minitab Workspace helps in monte carlo simulation

Efficiently evaluate and comprehend the risks associated with a process or project, forecast the potential outcomes, and optimize them with speed and effectiveness.

Features of Minitab Workspace

Minitab Workspace offers a wide range of forms, formulas, and customizable options to elevate your work. It enables you to visualize, optimize, and map your business value effectively. The toolkit includes various forms such as action plans, audits, charts, and matrices to support different aspects of your business processes. It also provides mapping tools like process maps and value stream maps for flow representation and analysis. Additionally, analysis capture tools assist in statistical procedures, while customizable project roadmaps facilitate project management and improvement initiatives. This toolkit empowers you with comprehensive resources to enhance your work and achieve better results in visualizing and optimizing your business value.

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Included forms30-60-90 Action Plan
5S Audit
Activity (Shape) Lean Data
Activity (Shape) Process Data
Audit Plan
Bar Chart Worksheet
Blank Form
C&E Matrix (X-Y Matrix)
Competency Matrix
Control Plan
Cycle Time Bar Chart
Data Collection Plan
Design Scorecard
DFMEA (Supports New AIAG-VDA Guidelines)
Financial Data
Five Whys
Force Field
Funnel Report
Gantt Chart
Gemba Walk Interview Sheet
House of Quality Matrix
Impact vs. Effort Matrix
Kanban & Supermarket Sizing
Kano Model
Lean Metrics Comparison
Line Balancing
Meeting Minutes
New Procedure Audit
Pairwise Comparison Matrix
Pareto Chart Worksheet
PFMEA (Supports New AIAG-VDA Guidelines)
Preparation Checklist
Preventative Maintenance
Project Charter
Project Prioritization Matrix
Project Risk Assessment
Project Today
Pugh Matrix
Quick Changeover (QCO-SMED)
RACI (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)
Risk Matrix
Scatterplot Worksheet
Solution Desirability Matrix
Solution Implementation Checklist
Stakeholder Analysis
Standard Work Combination Chart
SWOT Analysis
Team Members & Roles
TRIZ Technical Contradictions Matrix
True North Metrics
Value Stream Map Comparison
Value Stream Map Shape Data
Value-Added Flow Analysis
VOC Plan
VOC Summary
Waste Analysis by Operation
Work Element Time Study
X Variables Data
Y Metrics
Y Variables Data
Mapping ToolsProcess Maps (Flowchart, Process diagram) includingCross Functional Process Maps
Shape data: Inputs, outputs, defect rate, throughput yield, etc.
Bunny hops
Value Stream Maps withTakt time calculator
Current vs. future state comparison
Timeline with automatic cycle time calculations
Organizational Chart
Journey Map
Monte Carlo SimulationParameter optimization
Sensitivity analysis
Import a model from Minitab
Suggest a distribution based on data
BrainstormingMind Map
Fishbone (Cause and Effect Diagram)
Man Machines Materials
Idea Map
CT Tree
Project RoadmapsAllow for customization options
Incorporate phases, sub-phases, or folders to structure project tools and artifacts
Utilize project storage to hold associated documents such as spreadsheets, images, websites, presentations, and Minitab project files
Facilitate data sharing between tools by enabling the reuse of input variables from one tool (e.g., process map) in other tools like FMEA or C&E Matrix
Included roadmapsDMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)
CDOV (Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify)
QFD (Quality Functional Deployment)
Kaizen Event
PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
Just Do It
Analysis Capture Tools1-Sample Hypothesis Test Capture
2-Sample Hypothesis Test Capture
ANOVA Capture
Attribute Agreement Analysis Capture
Binary Logistic Regression Analysis Capture
Blank Analysis Capture
Capability Analysis Capture
Capability Analysis (Attribute) Capture
Chi-Square Test Capture
Control Chart Capture
DOE Analysis Capture
DOE Planning Capture
Equal Variances Test Capture
Gage Linearity & Bias Study Capture
Gage R&R Study Capture
Graph Your Data
Kruskal-Wallis Test Capture
Normality Test Capture
Regression Analysis Capture