Minitab Products

Minitab Statistical Software

By harnessing the capabilities of Minitab Statistical Software, one can analyze both present and historical data to identify trends, predict patterns, unveil concealed connections among variables, and generate impressive visual representations to confront even the most challenging situations and prospects. With its robust statistical tools, cutting-edge data analytics, and interactive visualizations, there are limitless possibilities at your disposal.

Minitab Connect

Streamline the process of sharing and monitoring information for valuable business intelligence by automating reports. Through instant alerts, promptly receive notifications regarding significant changes that necessitate immediate action or a more comprehensive analysis of your data.

Minitab Model Ops

Efficiently close the divide between model creation and model deployment using a user-friendly, yet robust MLOps platform. With the increasing prevalence of machine learning applications, the demand for deploying and operationalizing models has become crucial. Minitab Model Ops provides a comprehensive solution that empowers business analysts and engineers to effectively implement their own machine learning and predictive models.

Minitab Education Hub

In today's landscape, organizations often struggle to effectively address training and education using a variety of resources that prove to be ineffective. Traditional approaches such as textbooks or online videos encourage self-learning, while internal experts are burdened with the additional responsibility of preparing and delivering training alongside their regular duties. Unfortunately, training is often reactive rather than proactive, failing to adequately prepare the workforce to tackle problems as they arise.

To address these challenges, Minitab has introduced online self-paced learning paths in conjunction with comprehensive resources and training materials. Employees can now learn at their own pace, utilizing materials aligned with the tools they use and in their preferred language. Real-world examples and exercises provide valuable context for each lesson, enabling users to directly apply their newly acquired skills to the challenges they encounter in their work. Expert-developed assessments ensure that employees grasp the material effectively, equipping them to perform their jobs more efficiently and proficiently.


Minitab Engage

Minitab Engage stands as a unique solution exclusively developed to assist organizations in constructing improvement and innovation programs. It facilitates the execution of these programs by providing problem-solving tools and leveraging established project management methodologies. Additionally, Minitab Engage enables real-time tracking of essential performance metrics, allowing organizations to showcase return on investment (ROI) effectively.

Minitab Workspace

Minitab Workspace provides a user-friendly interface where you can utilize a range of robust visual tools, including process maps, brainstorming diagrams, and forms, to effectively advance your work. By streamlining processes and recognizing potential opportunities, our tools facilitate the identification and resolution of problems, making them more manageable.

Minitab Real-Time SPC

For manufacturers, maximizing efficiency is crucial, making quality and process monitoring a top priority. Real-Time SPC, powered by Minitab®, provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for quality analysis and improvement. With real-time monitoring and alerts, immediate action can be taken when quality fluctuates, resulting in time and cost savings.

Minitab Salford Predictive Modeler

The Salford Predictive Modeler® software suite offers a range of powerful tools and features that are unmatched by any other software. It includes engines such as CART®, MARS®, TreeNet®, and Random Forests®, along with advanced automation and modeling capabilities.

The suite's data mining technologies cover various areas including classification, regression, survival analysis, missing value analysis, data binning, and clustering/segmentation. SPM algorithms are highly regarded in the field of data science, being recognized as indispensable by experts.

One of the key advantages of the SPM software suite is its automation, which significantly speeds up the model building process. It automates substantial parts of model exploration and refinement, making it easier for analysts to review and compare results from different modeling strategies.