Minitab Connect

Minitab Connect

Streamline the process of sharing and monitoring information for valuable business intelligence by automating reports with Minitab Connect. Through instant alerts, promptly receive notifications regarding significant changes that necessitate immediate action or a more comprehensive analysis of your data.

Minitab Connect helps to access-

Effortlessly access and merge data from diverse sources without the need to waste valuable time on formatting and combining CSVs and spreadsheets. With Minitab Connect, you can conveniently establish your analytics dashboard once, which will automatically update whenever your data undergoes changes.

Minitab Connect helps to prepare-

Enable users, ranging from data scientists to business analysts, with self-service data preparation tools that facilitate swift and interactive profiling, curation, enrichment, and structuring of diverse datasets through a user-friendly spreadsheet-like interface. With the platform's centralized database for storing data resources, users can conveniently access and explore their data without compromising data quality or security.

Data preparation steps can be shared as reusable workflows with other users, eliminating repetitive data setup processes and optimizing productivity. Enjoy seamless and direct access to Minitab® Statistical Software, allowing effortless delivery of prepared data for comprehensive analysis with just a single click.

Minitab Connect helps to visualize-

Experience the power of dynamic, real-time visualizations enhanced with interactive elements, empowering users to delve into data and gain profound insights. The dashboarding tools offer extensive flexibility and configurable design options, enabling easy customization and formatting for impactful reporting. Share data visualizations and dashboards securely with relevant stakeholders both within and beyond the enterprise, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

Features of Minitab Connect

Minitab Connect offers flexible options for handling different types of data and file formats. It supports both scheduled and triggered data ingestion processes. It provides direct integration with Minitab Statistical Software and Minitab ModelOps, allowing seamless data flow between systems. For efficient data entry, it includes validation features to reduce errors and manage data imports. A bulk submission form and a streaming Data API Endpoint are available for easy data transfer. Access controls and permissions can be assigned based on roles and user groups, with Single Sign-On (SSO) compatibility. To ensure data privacy and security, encryption is applied during transit and storage, along with multi-factor authentication and third-party security validation. The platform offers alerts and notifications through SMS and email, including system alerts and triggered alarms. Collaboration tools facilitate data quality ratings, automated tracking of structural changes, and the ability to add notes at the datapoint level. Dashboards and analytics can be shared among users. Data preparation tools such as absolute value, arithmetic operations, averaging, case changes, cleaning, concatenation, counting, distinct values, delta changes, finding and replacing, range operations, rounding, and more are available. Various visualization options are offered, including histograms, probability plots, box plots, bar charts, pie charts, scatterplots, correlograms, parallel coordinates plots, heatmaps, time series plots, KPIs, and control charts like I-MR, Xbar-R, Xbar-S, P, U, C, and EWMA charts.

Data IntegrationFlexible data and file type options
Scheduled and triggered ingestion
Direct integration to Minitab® Statistical Software
Direct integration with Minitab ModelOps®
Direct Data EntryValidation for error-reduction
Data import management
Bulk submission form​
Streaming Data API Endpoint
Access Controls & PermissionsRole-based user assignment​
Granular user group permissions​
Single Sign-On (SSO) ready
Data Privacy & SecurityEncryption in-transit and at rest​
Multi-factor authentication​
Third-party security validation​
Alerts & NotificationsSMS and email alert delivery​
System alerts​
Triggered alarms
Collaboration ToolsData quality ratings
Automated log of structural changes​
Datapoint-level notes
Shareable Dashboards and Analytics
Data Preparation ToolsAbsolute Value
Change Case​
Count Distinct​
Delta Change​
Distinct List
Find and Replace
Find Maximum​
Find Minimum​
If Empty​
Replace (Exact List)​
Replace (Exact)​
Visualizations / ChartsHistogram
Probability Plot
Individual Value Plot
Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Binned Scatterplot
Bubble Plot
Parallel Coordinates Plot
Time Series Plot
I-MR Chart
Xbar-R Chart
Xbar-S Chart
P Chart
U Chart
C Chart
EWMA Chart