Minitab Training on Advanced Reliability

Advanced Reliability

In this course in minitab training, you will delve into the examination and articulation of how explanatory variables influence the duration of product viability. Gain insights into ascertaining how various factors and covariates impact not only the occurrence of product failures but also the risk of failure within a larger population of products. Learn the techniques to derive reliability estimations for highly dependable products within a feasible timeframe, and discern the expected failure times for these components.

By the course's culmination, you will possess the proficiency to determine suitable sample sizes, as well as the allocation of units to different stress levels for accelerated life tests. This knowledge will empower you to evaluate the influence of stress variables on the likelihood of failure. The course in minitab training underscores the importance of employing appropriate probability models to prognosticate essential characteristics of product lifetimes, both within controlled test scenarios and real-world contexts.

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Topics Included:

Compare reliability distributions

Minitab offers many different reliability/survival analyses as follows:

  • Reliability test plans
  • Distribution analyses
  • Warranty analyses
  • Repairable system analyses
  • Regression with life data
  • Probit analysis

Understand the concepts and uses of regression with life data

  • Conduct a regression analysis to ascertain the influence of various factors and covariates on the lifespan of your product.

Use accelerated life testing to determine the probability of product failure

  • Develop a model for product performance, often involving failure times under extreme stress levels, enabling the extrapolation of outcomes to regular conditions. These models typically encompass two predictors and are frequently employed for evaluating products with high reliability.