DOE Training Using Minitab

DOE Training Using Minitab

Training Summary:

This is a follow-up course, that flows from Minitab essentials.  It is designed for professionals who intend to optimize their products and processes to get to the desired result in the least time, effort and cost; and do it easily using Minitab statistical tools. Suitable for professionals in Quality, R&D and Operations.

You will learn:

  • A scientific approach to vary multiple input parameters(Xs) and its impact on output (Y)
  • How to generate a variety of full and fractional factorial designs using Minitab.
  • Real-world applications demonstrating the concepts of randomization, replication, and blocking
  • How to generate powerful graphical displays to interpret and communicate experimental results
  • Find critical factors that impact important response variables, reduce process variation, and expedite research and development projects.

Training Topics include:

  • Design of Factorial Experiments
  • Normal Effects Plot and Pareto of Effects
  • Power and Sample Size
  • Main Effect, Interaction, and Cube Plots
  • Center Points
  • Overlaid Contour Plots
  • Multiple Response Optimization

Training Mode Options:

  • Online, Instructor led - Public batches
  • Online, Instructor led - Corporate batches
  • Training Venue, Instructor led - Public Batches
  • Onsite, Instructor led - Corporate batches
  • Online, Instructor led - One to One


Minitab Essentials Training

Additional Recommended Training:

Training Duration:

  • 8 to 10 hours for one on one, instructor led training
  • 12 to 14 hours for public batches of up to 5 participant
  • 12 to 16 hours for for corporate batches of up to 20 participants

Training Locations

  • We conduct online training for participants anywhere in the world.
  • Onsite training can be done anywhere in India, Srilanka and Nepal, Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Contact us to know more. 

Training Software requirements:

  • You will need Minitab 19 installed on your PC/Laptop for this training
  • You can use the 30 days free trial version (if not installed earlier)
  • You can purchase a licensed copy of Minitab 19 bundled with this course

We also offer special offers to corporate clients, and bundled offers to individual buyers.  For details contact us.