Software Distributor and Dealer in India

Who we are?

We are a value added software distributor, local dealer and re-seller based out of India.  We have partnered with world class software OEMs, and help them in marketing, generating leads, and provide top-notch support services to their customers in India and neighboring countries.

We have a worked with an impressive list of clients in India, and successfully generated leads, closed sales, and provided implementation and training to end users.

We are a group of seasoned industry consultants and tech enthusiasts with decades of industry experience. We have trained, consulted and helped organizations to improve, evolve and transform their operations to achieve step jumps in quality, cost and delivery metrics.

With the emerging trend of digitization, in the era of Industry 4.0, where cyber -physical boundaries are vanishing away, we felt a need to create a special focus group that will bring in the technology edge to our consulting practices.

Why our clients prefer us?

We help our clients source the technology they need, and help them achieve their business objectives through implementation, training and support services.

We help our clients in their journey of process improvement and operational excellence, through improvement in management systems, collaborative problem-solving and application of time tested methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and our own proprietary frameworks.

Why software OEMs partner with us?

Factonity partners with world class software OEMs, and act as their local reseller/representative. We provide value added services, support, training and implementation services. Especially for offshore software OEMs, we act as a bridge to explore Indian market at minimum cost, and act as a partner in building and serving the local market.