Software for Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence

Essential Software for improvement professionals

Whether you are looking for software for lean six sigma, or for any other improvement methodology, Leandigit is the go to resource when it comes to software licensing, implementation support, training and consulting. We offer world-class software and services designed to support and facilitate various improvement programs, like:

  • Lean six sigma initiatives
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process excellence
  • Operational excellence
  • Business excellence
  • And similar improvement and change management programs.

Not just software, we offer training, consulting and mentoring services for the software we sell. This is an essential combination to bring about high impact changes, improvements and transformation, especially on quality, cost and delivery metrics. Listed below are brief description of software we offer:

Statistical Software for Lean Six Sigma data analysis - Minitab

Minitab Statistical Software provides the tools you need to analyze your data, and helps solve your toughest business problems. Its feature rich graphical user interface, automated interpretations and rich reports makes statistics fun, easy and powerful at the same time.  You don't have to be a statistics expert to get the insight you need from your data. Minitab's Assistant walks you through every step of your analysis and even helps you interpret your results.

Statistical Software for Lean Six Sigma - Minitab
With flexible and affordable licensing, Minitab 18 can be used by individual users, or organizations can take advantage of concurrent multi-user licensing to maximize usage and minimize cost.

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Lean Six Sigma Project management Software - Companion

Companion by Minitab is a complete solution used by quality, continuous improvement, and Lean Six Sigma professionals world wide, including many fortune 100 companies. Companion gives your team the tools and workflows it needs to streamline and standardize your process improvement program. It has:

  • Over 100 best in class improvement tools tools like VSM, FMEA, QFD, Brainstorming tools, Process mapping, A3 reports all in one easy to use application.
  • A Roadmaps™ feature that makes it easy to execute, share, and replicate projects across your organization.
  • Workflows to communicate priorities and allocate resources effectively — from project conception, through execution, to closure — with formal approval processes and notifications.
  • A customization real time Dashboard that automatically rolls up up multiple projects data, reporting on your entire improvement program, your KPIs anywhere anytime.

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Learn Statistics Online for Lean Six Sigma - Quality Trainer

Knowledge of Statistics is a life-blood any lean six sigma or any other continuous improvement program. As an organization progresses, a need for progressing from basic statistical analysis to advanced statistical tools becomes unavoidable. Having a great learning resource for your organization helps keeping the momentum up and vibrant.

Quality Trainer is a comprehensive e-learning course that teaches you practical application of statistical concepts using Minitab. It uses animated lessons, quizzes, and hands-on exercises to help make learning statistics easy and fun. It has hundreds of lessons that can be learned sequentially, or on-demand when you need to apply a statistical tool. The course covers the most commonly used graphs and statistical tools, including Hypothesis Tests, Control Charts, Process Capability, ANOVA, Regression, and more.



We at Leandigit recommend using Quality Trainer by Minitab in addition to our on-site and online statistical training and mentoring programs. Flexible licensing is available for individuals or your entire organization.

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Online SPC and Quality Assurance Software - Enact from InfinityQS

While SPC is a powerful tool, which when understood and applied well can drive quality problem identification, prevention and resolution. However, SPC has traditionally been practiced using paper, pencil and pins. Ensuring that the data is being captured at the right time, and that the operator is skilled enough to interpret the SPC chart has been a challenge. However, with technological advancement, it has become far easier and convenient to benefit from the power of SPC - using a platform like Enact.

Enact is an online real-time statistical process control (SPC) and quality assurance platform. Irrespective of the industry, Enact can help you improve product quality in an affordable way and transform the way you view your quality data. Enact's Unified Data Repository brings together and standardizes all your quality and process data, helping decrease costs and enabling better, faster operations decisions.

Leandigit is an authorized channel partner of InfinityQS - and we offer Enact deployment services across India and neighboring countries.