Statistical Process Control Consultant in India

Factonity bring in rich and practical experience in implementing statistical process control. Our consultants have helped implement SPC in various types of industries and have helped:

  • Improve the long term stability and process capability of processes
  • Solve complex sporadic and chronic problems
  • Ensure defect free manufacturing and services.

8 rules of SPC

SPC - Offline vs Online

Statistical process control is most effective when its used to take live immediate decisions. While many organizations have implemented SPC to some extent, often SPC is attempted as an offline exercise. This take away the key power of SPC - which is to identify a special cause at the time of when an out of control situation arises.

Our approach to SPC is immediate action! Immediate action can be done through:

  1. Management education that SPC is a tool for: root cause identification + problem solving + quality control tool.
  2. Well trained operators, supervisors, and shop-floor teams who are empowered to take actions.
  3. progressive use of technology enabled solutions - for example - Enact from InfinityQS, for remote monitoring and alerts.

How Statistical Process Control helps?

Statistical Process Control bring in the power of advanced data analysis, but simplifies it in to 8 simple rules that with some training even shop floor operators and supervisors too can use to identify causes of sporadic issues, and help fix them forever.  Typical benefits seen by organizations that have implement SPC in true sense:

  1. Reduce time to identify causes of sporadic issues by 1/10th of time that would take otherwise.
  2. Reduce scrap, rework and downgrade to 1/3rd to almost kill and eradicate defect generation.
  3. Ensure an improvement action somewhere doesn't degrade performance elsewhere
  4. Trends to identify shifts in performance and scientifically establish benefit of improvement actions.
  5. Finally, payback atleast 10 times the cost of implementation and running SPC - to the companies' bottom-line.

 Why Factonity for SPC?

Factonity is founded by experts in SPC - who have enhance their understanding of SPC through practical applications during their full-time leadership roles in their earlier organizations.  Our speciality:

  1. Rich and practical experience in implementing SPC
  2. As consultants we have solved hundreds of complex problems that couldn't be solved in years before our intervention.
  3. Have saved millions of dollars for organizations through SPC problem solving.
  4. We have partnered with the world leader in SPC technology solutions like Enact from InfinityQS

Where do we Serve?

Factonity consultants are based out of Delhi NCR, and Munbai. Pune region. However, we can serve clients anywhere in India and neighboring countries like Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Singapore, etc.